Our team has recently started the reconstruction of Walmsley Bridge, Lancashire following a road traffic accident. The Grade II listed bridge sustained damage to the southern wing wall and Parapet.

The Bridge spans the river Brock and probably constructed in the late 19th century.  An inscription on the Western parapet reads: ‘Walmsley Bridge AD 1883’. A second cruder inscription reads: ‘TR 1879″.

Damage to stone bridges like Walmsley bridge is becoming more common with increased traffic on the roads. Many of these bridges are narrow and were designed for the carriage of a horse and cart. Most recently, the famous Edisford Bridge in Clitheroe got damaged by a water tanker, causing closure and disruption to a major traffic route. Our team recently completed consolidation work at Grisedale Beck Bridge for the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Our team is scheduled to repair other bridges across the area in the coming months.

The wall will require further deconstruction to assess any damage to the remaining stone units. Our stone Masons will try to utilise as much of the original stone as possible. They will make stone repairs where required. However, some stone will require replacing with newly cut stone. Because of the bridges Listed Status, our masons will need to reconstruct the wall back to its original specification.

The works at Walmsley Bridge, Lancashire will take approximately one week. Traffic management, in the form of 2 way traffic lights will be in place for the duration.



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