Conservation and Restoration Cleaning

UK Restoration Services offer professional blasting and facade cleaning services across the UK. We specialise in exterior building cleaning of grade listed properties and monuments.

Many heritage properties need careful and thorough cleaning as part of restoration and conservation. Utilising specialist equipment, we offer cost-effective, safe, and practical building cleaning solutions. Our blasting services are non-abrasive and environmentally friendly compared to traditional methods.

Our team has vast knowledge of various building materials and property construction, thus allowing us to offer the most suitable blasting services for our clients. We work with local conservation officers to ensure the preservation of historic buildings.

Commercial Cleaning

Our specialist equipment is suitable to clean all types of buildings and materials. Utilising systems such as DOFF and Farrow, we are able to offer professional cleaning solutions for almost all applications. Our team can safely remove surface coatings such as;

  • paint
  • graffiti
  • algae and moss
  • dirt
  • oil and grease from almost any substrate.

Environmentally Friendly

By utilising the latest technology and cleaning methods, we are able to provide cleaning services that are environmentally friendly. The majority of our cleaning work is carried out using steam. This method gently removes dirt and debris from the surface of your building. We try to avoid using harsh chemicals wherever possible.

Below you can find more details about the types of cleaning we undertake and their applications. We also offer various building maintenance and restoration services nationwide.


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